Elected tax collectors, who represent individual boroughs and townships, collect most of the current taxes in Pennsylvania.  Individual taxpayers remit their taxes to the tax collector directly.  The tax collector deposits these payments and makes regular distributions to the taxing bodies for which they collect.

Our tax collection software integrates with our assessment, tax billing, and tax claim systems.  Both tax collectors and taxing bodies use this software.  The tax collectors may submit a hard copy and/or electronic file of their tax receipts to the taxing body.  Taxing bodies who use the software may import the electronic receipt file to streamline their reporting and minimize their labor.

Our tax collection software, Tax Coll 2k, saves you time and keeps you in compliance with the law.

Legal Compliance Features

The following features help you meet the legal requirements of the Local Tax Collection Law.  Each feature listed includes the associated section number of the law which it satisfies.

  • Generates a monthly report in the DECD format [§25]
  • Generates late notices with legally required language [§10 (b)]
  • Creates a hard copy and electronic return of unpaid taxes for year-end settlement [§26 (a) (5)]

Time Saving Features

  • Prefill of payment amount and payer name based on bill number lookup
  • Option to separate payments into batches for easier reconciliation
  • Intelligent handling of single checks used to pay multiple bills:
    • Keeps running total of check amount to catch typos
    • Avoids having to re-enter payer name for same check number
    • Single keystroke to copy previous check number on new payment
  • Tax Certifications that combine municipal and school on one page
  • Assessment changes are automatically captured on the monthly report
  • Save Receipts, Duplicate Bills, and Tax Certs to PDF for easy emailing

Audit-Friendly Features

  • Robust void process allows handling mistakes and bounced checks without requiring changes to previously submitted reports
  • Parcel change history tracks every changed tax or assessment