Tax Claim

Judicial Sale

This is part 5 in the Tax Claim Life Cycle series. After the Upset Sale, the bureau may petition the court to sell the remaining properties at a Judicial Sale.  The key difference between an Upset Sale and Judicial Sale is that properties at Judicial Sale are sold free and clear of all liens.  Most …

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Private Sale

This is part 4 in the Tax Claim Life Cycle series. Properties not sold at Upset Sale are immediately available for Private Sale.  Properties sold at Private Sale are still subject to all other liens.  The Tax Claim Bureau may accept any offer it deems reasonable, but the price is subject to review.

Upset Sale

This is part 3 in the Tax Claim Life Cycle series. The Upset Sale is held annually.  By law, it must be scheduled on or after the second Monday in September and before October 1st.  The county may split the sale into multiple dates if there are a large number of properties involved. Generally speaking, …

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Tax Claim Life Cycle

When a taxpayer fails to pay his current taxes, the property is considered delinquent.  For most property taxes, the unpaid tax becomes delinquent after December 31st.  Generally, the tax collector turns these properties over to the county Tax Claim Bureau. Once the county Tax Claim Bureau receives the property, it begins its journey through the …

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