We’ve been writing Pennsylvania real estate tax software for over 20 years.  We have a deep understanding of the full tax “life cycle.” From Assessment to Billing to Collection to Delinquent Tax Claim, you could say we know our ABC’s and then some!

We want to share this knowledge with the taxpayers, tax collectors, assessors, tax claim staff, and everyone else who deals with Pennsylvania real estate taxes.


The first step in the process is tax assessment.  The goal of this step is to assign a fair and equitable value to each parcel in the county relative to the value of every other parcel in the county.

Our tax assessment system is designed to meet the unique needs of Pennsylvania counties.   This includes full support for:

  • Clean & Green (Act 319) with automatic rollback calculation
  • Homestead & Farmstead Exclusions with built-in fraud detection
  • Laptop sync to change data in the field without Internet


The next step is bill preparation.  This involves gathering millage rates from the taxing bodies, determining the end of the discount and start of the penalty periods, and making sure that all legally required language is included on each bill.  Bills are then sorted to maximize USPS bulk mail discounts.

Some taxing districts print their bills “in-house” while others outsource the job to a third party.  Our tax billing software supports both methods.  We integrate with the Mailers software from MelissaData to perform USPS-approved pre-sorts of the bills.  The program produces a tray index form allowing the bills to be printed simultaneously on multiple printers to prevent bottlenecks at a single device.


Elected tax collectors, who represent individual boroughs and townships, collect most of the current taxes in Pennsylvania.  Individual taxpayers remit their taxes to the tax collector directly.  The tax collector deposits these payments and makes regular distributions to the taxing bodies for which they collect.

Our tax collection software integrates with our assessment, tax billing, and tax claim systems.  Both tax collectors and taxing bodies use this software.  The tax collectors may submit a hard copy and/or electronic file of their tax receipts to the taxing body.  Taxing bodies who use the software may import the electronic receipt file to streamline their reporting and minimize their labor.

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Delinquent Tax Claim

The final step in the process is tax claim.  At the end of the penalty period, the tax collector turns over any unpaid taxes to the county tax claim bureau and/or a third-party tax claim collection agency.  Delinquent parcels have a full year to be paid off before they become eligible for tax sale.  The parcels then begin going through a series of sales.  Each successive sale clears additional liens from the property in an effort to get it into the hands of a new owner who will pay the property taxes.

Our tax claim software integrates with both our assessment and tax collection systems.  It tracks all contact attempts and automatically builds much of the sale file needed to defend property sales in court.


Millage Rate

What is a millage rate? A millage rate is the amount per $1,000 of assessed value that taxing districts use to calculate local property taxes.  For example, a home assessed at $100,000 in a district which levies a 5 mil real estate tax will owe $500 in taxes:     Millage Rate vs a Simple …

Base Year

Many taxpayers assume that their home’s assessed value should match its current market value.  However, this is rarely the case.  Instead, the county assessment office determines assessed values as of a “base year.”


The State Tax Equalization Board (STEB) and the Tax Equalization Division (TED) calculate the Common Level Ratio (CLR) annually for each county.  The Board reviews recent property sales to facilitate apples-to-apples comparisons of assessed values across the commonwealth.


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